2019 Digital Marketing Trends, Stay Tuned and Shape

Digital marketing, no doubt, is essential for every single business. Building marketing funnels to drive traffic, generate leads, qualify prospects and make sales. They are all fundamental elements in digital marketing nowadays.
Stepped into 2019 for about 2 months already, are you stay in tuned or you are still in 1999?
Here, I present you my research result on what people are talking about on Marketing Trends in 2019.

Article #1 – 10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Deep focuses on AI, customer experience and Gen Z, the new growing consumer market. He looks into the features on how to drive traffic and generate leads for businesses.

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Article #2 – 8 Business-Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Dave looks into more high level matters, like strategies and plannings, overall customer experience, search engine trends, social media platforms etc. His drills down deep and worth learn from it.

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Article #3 – The 5 Biggest Marketing Trends For 2019

Giselle highlights data. That’s important. Lots of companies like Google and Facebook, they have gathered the data for us and we need to transform the data to be information and learn them to be our knowledge to making smart decision based on facts.

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Article #4 – 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Clodagh looks into user experience. She highlights that the usage of voice interaction, voice chat and chatbot are the main things. Content marketing is getting more and more critical and email marketing needs to be more personalized rather than generalized. She has a specific view on the growing trend on Facebook and Instagram.

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Article #5 – 11 Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2019

Forbes Agency Council has done an excellent research. They foresee that AI plays an important role in personalization and automation. Voice assistant devices are creating more opportunities. Content Marketing continues growing. Personalize is the key to generate more businesses.

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Digital marketing is advancing year by year. To run a successful business, we need to stay in tuned and shape. 

I hope you enjoy reading the above articles, learn from them and apply onto your business.

Thanks for your time on reading the post. And we got something for you.


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