8 Aged Care Articles Your Website Needs Now

Hi, nice to meet you. Will you marry me?

It sounds crazy when you put it like that. But… is it that different to many aged care facilities’ websites?
Here’s my website. Click here to book a tour and potentially spend $450,000 on a room.
If that’s your approach, you’d want to have a really amazing website that stands out from the crowd.

Why You Need Content Marketing

Imagine if we could build a relationship with potential residents before they’ve even heard of the My Aged Care website. When it came time to think about residential care, you would be the obvious choose compared to other aged care homes. They would already know and trust you. They might not even bother to look at other websites. Your occupancy rates would increase, your waiting list would grow…
Most importantly, you would get some amazing feedback from people who are currently entering your home.
You can do this through creating content for your website. So where do you need to start?

The Customer Value Journey

As the person responsible for making the marketing decisions for your organisation, you already understand the concept of the customer value journey. You can create content for your website for each of the 8 stages. This content will tie in with your overall marketing plan:
1. Awareness. You want people to become aware of your organisation before they need you. This is why you need content on your website that is aimed at both your current residents as well as people who may not even be thinking about residential care yet. Something like “7 Ways to Make Gardening Easier as You Age
2. Engage. Some of the most frequently pieces of shared content on the internet are quizzes. Why? Because they’re interactive. They can be fun. They create engagement. Something that could be both engaging and interactive on your website is “Are You a True Baby Boomer? Take Our Quiz!
3. Subscribe. When someone opts-in to receive something, this is like the start of a relationship. You need to provide genuine value to make it a fair exchange for their email address. Something like an e-book, “Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Aged Care Home
4. Convert. If your potential resident schedules a tour, this is an opportunity to provide them value AND vice-versa. Give them your “Does the Home Care? A Simple Checklist”. Then ask them how your tour performed. You’ll show you care, and get some great ideas.
5. Excite. How can you make sure that the potential resident gets value from an initial transaction? Provide them with something that helps answer their questions and makes the next steps easier for them. Maybe your “Means-Testing Made Simple & Easy” article.
6. Ascend. Once a person has made the commitment to become a care recipient in your home, the journey doesn’t stop here. It would make everyone’s life easier if they had your “Complete Guide to Moving into Your New Care Home
7. Advocate. You have testimonials on your website. That’s a great start. How about content where you’ve shown you’ve taken feedback, made changes, then asked them about feedback on the changes. Embed the testimonials into “5 Free Recipes: Resident Favourites from our Improved Menu.” Here you’re creating value for the reader, but also showing everyone you take feedback seriously.
8. Promote. You have many care recipients who don’t just love their new home, but also how you helped guide them through their journey. They would love to tell their friends about your brand. What better way than to let them their story. Help create “What I Would Have Done Differently: Mrs S’s Story About Moving Into Aged Care” , then provide channels to help share it.
Your organisation may be different, but the way relationships are formed isn’t. These particular article ideas may not resonate with you and your organisation’s brand strategy, and that’s okay. The key thing is content marketing can help provide value to your market, improve your expert positioning, and ultimately lead to improved business.
Michael Peachey is a freelance writer for hire, specialising in digital marketing and branding. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content to help build relationships that lead into sales.  When he isn’t working in aged care, he is travelling in a caravan around Australia with his family of 5.

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