Understand Your Customer Value Journey

Most People thinks that making the sale means you have made success. In fact, it is just a small part of a major success. If you stop there, you are losing your potential revenue. 

Running a successful business is much more than making sales. Successful business is not only measured by money, but also other values such as customer satisfaction and reputation.

Optimizing your customer value journey gives you a better understanding and high chance to achieve a successful business. 

In business, there is no B2B or B2C but H2H, Human-To-Human. In any business, decision are made by humans. By understand your 8-Step Customer Value Journey, you have a clear overview on how to add value to your customers and your business. 

Step 1 – Awareness

Making people aware of your goods, services, and other products through channels they might see you through.

It should be noted that there are 4 types of Awareness.

  • Unaware – Prospects don’t know they need your services/goods.
  • Problem Aware – Prospects have a problem but they are unable to fix it.
  • Solution Aware – Prospects know they have problem and are looking for a solution.
  • Product Aware – They know the product/service they need for the problem they are aware of.

Step 2 – Engage

Engaging with your targeted audience and making your message crystal clear to them about your offer.

By showing more relevant information to your targeted audience, you grab more attention from them.

  • Unware – Using entertaining content to grab their full undivided attention. In simpler terms, it interrupts their daily routine life and makes them stop to look at your content.
  • Problem Aware – Using educational content to let everyone notice a rising problem and then engaging with customers to know that your brand is the solution.
  • Solution Aware – Making notice of the problem at hand but immediately turning the content piece’s message into going against the commonly known solutions but offering your own.
  • Product Aware – Showing that the product/service you have is better than the competition.

Step 3 – Subscribe

Subscribing means interest. You want your targeted audience interested into your information or even your products or services. However, you have to give them chances to let you know they are interested in your business.

In this step, you have to ask for contact detail from your targeted audience. This can be done by offering a lead magnet – which is giving a small chunk of value for your audience in return for their information, eg an eBook or a checklist.

If they are interested, they are more than happy to pass that to you.

Step 4 – Convert

Converting leads into customers is critical. Remember, it is not the end of the sale mentioned above. Here, you want a small commitment to get customers more into your business. This commitment doesn’t have to be money, it can be their time.


Step 5 – Excite

Exciting is a wonderful feeling. And you want to give your customer is wonderful feeling asap in order for them to commit to the next step, ascension. At this point some customers might think “This is awesome! What is next?”.

What you need to do is show them “little victories”. Little victories are basically pointing out customer’s advancement since they acquired your products or services. That way they know that their problems can be solved and become better persons.

Step 6 – Ascend

Ascending is the actual profitable step. If you follow the above steps right, this step is a piece of cake. From the above steps, you have basically identify the true needs of your converted customers. Now, what you need to do is to upsell additional services to your converted customers. Since they know your services and/or products are the solutions on their problems. 

It should be noted that it doesn’t have to be your products/services either. You can still ascend people with offers from joint ventures or affiliate deals. Like if the consultant was in a joint venture with a dietician service, he could upsell those services to customers who feel like they need to improve their image.


Step 7 – Advocate

Advocating is a customer who stands for your business. Yes, it is nice to see the conversion went well and the upselling went well, but it’s not the end. The next step to increase your customer’s value is for them to be an advocate for your brand. What you should do is have your highest valued customers become a way to spread the word about your offerings and their experiences.

Step 8 – Promote

Promoting is 1-step further from advocating. The customer not only stands for you, but also actively promote you when there is a chance. This is what we all know – word of mouth!

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